James Watt Steam Engine


Mr. James Watt has a lot to be proud of, and in return we hounor him. One way we hounor him is by naming th power unit after him, the watt. The Second Congress of the British Association adopted the name in 1889 thats more than 70 years after he passed on. In 1960 the 11th General Conference on Weights and Measures incorporated the watt as the power unit of the SI , International System of Units.


James Watt lives a legacy because he improved an engine that had not had the chance for a new beginning in more than 50 years. He made the engine useable and powerful. The farmers and construction crews could work faster if they had something to help with the back braking work. The farmers used the engine to run threashing machines and choppers. The construction workers used it to run pulleys to move large loads up and down on the buildings. In any case the steam engine was a great tool to have in town or out on the family farm. The steam engine would not be what it is today if if wasn't for James Watt.