James Watt Steam Engine

His Improvements

Over the many years James Watt improved the steam engine greatly. He added many things. One of the many is the throttle cable and valve. This device let the operator of the engine control the power the engine would put out. Throttle would adjust the amount of steam flow to and from the engine. Another improvement he made was making th double acting engine. This took the steam and used it to push the piston down and ups the piston up so you never had the chance of failing because the other side could still do the job. If both sides were working very well the engine would be very powerful. Another improvement was the centrifugal governor. This let the operator release pressure to slow down the engine with out puting anyone at risk, an explosion or fire. One of Watts most proud of improvements is the parallel motion bar. This bar let you run a wheel, like we do today, so you could run something with a pully or chain. 

Watt was able to see all of these improvements in his head because he was a very enthusiastic inventor. He also had a fertile imagination that sometimes interfeared with his work. He was skilled with his hands and was able to do complex mathimatical equations in his head.